Street Style: Meet Yani

Street Style: where we capture lesbians/queer women (before you think kidnapping, read on) out and about in the city on camera. all photos taken on an iPhone.

Juniper & Dickinson


Yanisha C. Soto Estevez (Yani), 25 years old, data analyst from NE Philly

my style in 140 characters or less:
My style is urban & comfortable. I always wear dark jeans. I would describe it as hobo chic.

one item I can’t live without is …
My hats! As often as I try to stray, I always come back to them.

 fave restaurant or hang out spot in the city?
Raw (12th & Sansom). It’s modern, intimate, and they have great sushi. Also, if you want    to go dancing, you can just walk into the Raw Lounge in the back of the restaurant. I also   love the secluded outdoor area – great little spot for a date.

 twitter: @PhilthyCulture

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