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Nicole Wiegand Nicole Wiegand has had trouble sleeping her whole life. When she moved to Philly from South Jersey in 2006, her raging insomnia was at an all-time high. So in the hours when the rest of us were drooling into our pillows, Nicole started making jewelry. Thus was the birth of NightOwlDesigns.

NightOwlDesigns is a collection of kitschy jewelry and housewares, inspired by pop culture icons and cult oddities. You’ll find everything from Golden Girl earrings, to Rockos Modern Life pins, to Audrey Hepburn light switch plates. And of course, everything is 100% original and hand-made by Nicole in her South Philly home (which she shares with girlfriend Nicole K. of Rainbow Alternative).

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“My goal is to leave people with that amazing feeling of familiarity and comfort you get when remembering that one movie, or band that you loved,” she says.

Speaking of amazing feelings, how about the feeling you get when you enter a contest & win something awesome? If you leave a comment below this post telling us why YOU love NightOwlDesigns, you’ll be automatically entered to win both the “I Made You A Mixtape” necklace AND the “Anchors Away” necklace, pictured below:



Catch Nicole vending at these events over the summer, or shop online via her Etsy store.

July 14: Blobfest, Phoenixville, PA
July 28: Harrisburg Pride, Harrisburg, PA
August 3: First Friday, Old City, Philadelphia
August 17-19: Monster Mania, Cherry Hill, NJ
August 31-September 2: Horrorfind, Gettysburg, PA



*For one additional entry, follow @Phillesbian on Twitter and leave an additional comment below noting you are following. Please make sure you have a valid email address associated with your username. Contest is open to all residents of the United States. Entries close on July 28, 2012, at 3 p.m. Winner will be notified Monday, July 30, 2012.


  1. D'Andrea Durham says:

    I love Night Owl Designs because Nicole is a very lovely person who comes up wig some pretty awesome creative jewelry which I have always admired on Facebook! Also, that anchor necklace hasn’t name all written all o :ver it. I want one

  2. Nicole Nurthen says:

    I love Nicole’s stuff. I ordered her Xmas ornament sets as prizes for our annual Xmas parties. They are always such a huge hit, because of the iconic images she uses. They always got the “that’s awesome” response when given to the winners. Many people can relate to the pop culture movies, images, characters she choices to use. It’s such a unique idea and look.

  3. I love how Nicole is able to find beauty in things that are perhaps a bit off the beaten track. She is one of the kindest people I’ve ever known and she treats every customer like a friend. 🙂

  4. Meghan says:

    I love how Nicole comes up with such original stuff that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

  5. Meghan says:

    Following on twitter

  6. Daryia says:

    Follwing on twitter and nicole is fucking awesome.its quirky and awkward like me.I can wear it anywhere and everyone loves it.

  7. Heather S says:

    I love NightOwlDesigns not only for the unique and one of a kind pieces, but the customer service is top notch!!

  8. Heather S says:

    following on Twitter!! @hlstevens

  9. amy jean says:

    Night owl is so rad. I wish I had more money I would buy everything she makes!

  10. Dwayne Young says:

    first off, Nicole is awesome, its always nice knowin my money is goin to a fantastic artist, second the selection is amazing and the fact that on more than one occasion ive been able to work out custom designs with her is great. Nightowl has been a fantastic source for gifts and cool stuff for me as well. For me Night owl is like getting tattooed, one i got one i needed more and more and i have so many plans on other stuff i want its crazy, if i was rich, id have Nicole set for life lol

  11. Shawn (@shawn_ps3) says:

    Following love the site!

  12. Tara says:

    I love NIght Owl Designs because Nicole is always innovative with her pieces. Not only are there necklaces and earrings, light switch covers, and ornaments but they are about 80’s iconic shows and figures who have impacted pop culture. Every time I see a new piece, (I am a “heavy user”) I feel like screaming “YES!!!” and I get it. They make amazing gifts as well as supporting an amazing dynamic LGBT duo =) LOVE!!!!

  13. Adrienne says:

    I’ve been following NightOwlDesigns for a while now. Whenever I see new uploads of Nicole’s new projects they ALWAYS make me smile! I believe I first started following the Designs when I came across A Christmas Story items which is my ultimate favorite movie and I’ve been hooked every since! After reading this article, I can appreciate her story even more since I recently just moved out of S. Philly and miss it dearly.
    PS I am absolutely in love with the “Anchors Away” necklace!!!

  14. Mary Miller says:

    I love NightOwlDesigns because I can definitely relate with the insomnia crafting. I have always had trouble sleeping at night. I just can’t seem to get my mind to “turn off” during those late night hours! I tend to get all my ideas then and once the idea is set into motion, I can’t wait to get started on it.

    I absolutely love the pop culture jewelry in your shop and the fact they are so incredibly affordable! There is always an amazing selection and I think just about anyone could find a million things that they love in there =)

  15. Morgan says:

    I’m always looking for eclectic jewelry and I hit the motherload with Night Owl! Nicole takes those pop references you’ve always loved and puts them in a form you didn’t realize you needed to have! I need all of her necklaces in my life!

  16. Kasey says:

    I was friends with Nicole in high school and even back then she was super creative and eccentric! Love your stuff !

  17. Ashley says:

    I love NightOwl Designs because I’m tempted to put down “ONE OF EVERYTHING” as my order. The only thing stopping me is my bank account and my now near-vestigial sense of adult responsibility. Someday…someday…

  18. What I love most about Night Owl Designs is that this business highlights some of the best aspects of the creator herself. Nicole’s products consistently showcase her impeccable taste for the best of kitsch, her ability to transform anything into a work of beauty, and her amazing creative flair. Every Night Owl product is a tiny testament to Nicole’s personality – fun-loving and adventurous, coupled with an intense work ethic and not-to-be-messed-with side. It’s rare to see a business (even in the world of the handmade) that is such a great reflection of such a wonderful person.

  19. Debbie Johnson says:

    Love the fact that you deal with oddities. I love the owls. My daughter-in-law will be getting some of these for Christmas. I also like steampunk and will be revisiting to see if some of your oddities range into steampunk. Love finding new shops.


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