Featured Phillesbian: Wired 96.5’s Casey

She’s the midday host on one of the most popular radio stations in our area, a South Philly girl through and through, and she’s also an out and proud lesbian. We chatted with Wired 96.5’s Casey about her career in radio, the moment she came out on-air, her celebrity crush, and how she almost came to be dubbed “Kewi.”

Q: Tell us about yourself!
A: I grew up literally three blocks from the original Pats Steaks in South Philadelphia with my mother’s Italian family. For high school I was fortunate enough to get a spot at Central High in Olney which prepared me for college. Temple University is my alma mater, where I graduated with a degree in Broadcasting in 2006. All that said, I’ll be 30 in July!!

Photo credit: Darcey Goldberg

Q: How did you get started in radio?
A: I began interning in radio while attending Temple U. Shortly after putting together my demo, I was hired by Wired for weekend and overnight shifts. I honed my skills, never said no, and worked my way up the ladder from there!

Q: How long have you been with Wired 96.5?
A: Wired 96.5 has been my home for eight years, both as Morning Show co-host and as the current Midday host.

Q: Why did you choose the on-air name Casey?
A: “Casey” was given to me by my colleagues. They originally wanted my on-air name to be “Kewi,” but I squashed that REALLY quickly haha!

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job? What’s the most challenging aspect of it?
A: My favorite part about being in radio and on the air is that we get to hear new music first and also break it to the audience with our own opinions. One of the most challenging parts of radio is that you also hear the same songs more than anyone so you become biased as to what is played out vs. what isn’t.

Q: Were you always open about your sexuality on-air, or did you have a moment where you “came out?”
A: I never hid my sexuality on-air. There was a specific time though when you could say I “came out”. While co-hosting the Chio in the Morning show in 2006, I had kind of a breakdown on-air. I revealed I was unhappy because I felt it difficult to find a good partner, especially being gay. The show and radio station was very supportive as well as the listeners who called in to support me.

Q: How was your coming out experience?
A: I was around 15 when I came out to my parents, family and friends. I couldn’t have had a more supportive experience. Many already suspected before I even knew myself as I was never “boy crazy.”

Q: Favorite places in the city to hang out?
A: El Vez, Vintage, anything in the Gayborhood and a lovely little singing restaurant I used to work at in S. Philly, The High Note Café.

Q: Walk us through a typical day in your life.
A: Before my show, I scan all the hard and entertainment news stories of the day. Once the show starts, I talk to listeners about the hot topics as well as do contests and give-a-ways. Social media is a constant throughout the day as it’s another way to communicate with the audience. Post show I could be working on producing commercials or various station audio. As the day winds down, you can catch me relaxing at home with my two cats or spending time seeing friends and family.

Q: Describe your dream girl.
A: The perfect girl for me would be very feminine, yet also know how to get dirty and be active. Since I’m high-energy, she probably would be a bit more laid back so we could balance each other out. A girl who is smart, motivated, sarcastic, understanding and loyal is my ideal. Also, she’s have long, dark hair. 🙂

Q: Celebrity crush?
A: Idina Menzel.

Q: A fun fact about yourself that not many people know?
A:  I sing and play the piano almost daily. I volunteer at the ACCT animal shelter and am a musical theatre junkie!

Follow Casey on Twitter @Casey965,  click here to Like her Facebook page, or catch her in person every Wednesday at ICandy.

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