Singles Spotlight: Bianca

Welcome to the debut of our new monthly section, Singles Spotlight, where we feature eligible single sapphic ladies who are lookin for love.

Bianca L., age 32, writer and independent publisher of LGBTQ erotica and romance.

She’s dated, but has essentially been single for about four years.

J. Francis Winiarski Photography

I’m into: “Singing, performing, live music, knitting, crocheting, sewing, designing, modeling, city biking, nature, animals, pole dance fitness, stretching/flexibility, cooking from scratch, eating locally/organically/ethically, gathering inspiration for my writing.”

Biggest pet peeves: “Cigarettes, negativity, and people who walk really, really slow on the sidewalk.”

Turn-ons: “Chivalry, long, slow kisses, open-mindedness, flirting over craft beer and oysters, laughing until I pee myself.”

Three songs I’ve listened to in the past 24 hours: “Lacuna Coil – Shallow Life, Tapping the Vein – The River, Graveyard – Hisingen Blues.”

My ideal woman: “Intelligent, passionate, driven, educated, confident, affectionate, chivalrous but not stuck in a rigid role. I have a weakness for fit, athletic androgynous and/or masculine women with awesome hair, great teeth, and a kind heart. I really prefer to be the more femme one, though I’m open as to what degree.”

Favorite Philly hang-out spot: “Anywhere with a great beer selection and rock on the radio.”

Random Fun Facts: “I was born in Sweden, and i’m bi … lingual, not bisexual. My favorite holiday is Philly Naked Bike Ride. I’m a singer formally trained in classic and rock. I can do handstand pushups, splits, and backbends. I make bread from scratch, no machines required.”

Bianca can be reached at

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