We’re Engaged! Sandy & Nicki

Phillesbian.com announces the engagement of Nicki Sandala (of Malvern, PA) to Sandy Luz (of Connecticut/Philadelphia, PA).

Sandy, 28, is a Senior Research Technician at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Nicki, 31, works in software sales.

Lesbian Engagements

Sandy & Nicki

Sandy and Nicki met back in 2004 the old school way – AOL. Nicki found Sandy using a basic search, and after a few days of talking, Nicki and a friend headed to the city to meet Sandy and her friends and go out dancing. They dated for about two years, but they were young and needed to do some growing.

“We went our separate ways and over the years kept in touch, and became good friends again,” explains Nicki. “In 2012, we both finally admitted we were still totally crazy about each other and after all these years, couldn’t imagine not sharing our lives together.”

This past Thanksgiving, the pair was up at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Connecticut. “Back in the day, we used to go letterboxing. It’s a little like geo-tracking, but way more fun,” says Sandy. “My Aunt Liz and I planted a ‘dummy’ letter box and wrote clues to find it.”

They followed the clues, and when Nicki found the box, inside was a personalized rubber stamp that read, “Nicole Sandala, Will You Marry Me?”

Nicki opened the box and used the stamp on a notebook she had given to Sandy for Valentine’s Day of 2006 (specifically for letterboxing). Once Nicki realized what the stamp said, Sandy got down on one knee with the ring.

After the official “yes,” Nicki noticed that someone was taking pictures. “Aunt Liz was hidden in the rocks and had captured the entire thing!” Sandy explained.

The two will be wed on April 5, 2014 in Bradford, CT at The Woodwinds.

Congrats Sandy & Nicki!

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