Calling All Dykes: March & Rally Saturday, June 8

The Philly Dyke March will mark the 15th anniversary of self-identifying dykes marching and rallying together this Saturday, June 8.

The rally begins at 3 p.m. in Kahn Park, located at 11th and Pine. Participants are encouraged to bring signs and banners, and posterboard/markers will be provided for those who wish to make signs upon arriving.

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Image courtesy of Philly Dyke March

“I decided to get involved in the March because I really wanted to expand my horizons and get more involved in the LGBT community in Philly,” says first-time organizer Jaclyn Jennings. “I remember seeing the March go past my apartment last year, and wishing that I was a part of it. It’s been a great way to get involved and help out, as well as meet some amazing women along the way!”

The Philly Dyke March planning committee is a crew of diverse community-oriented dykes of all races, ethnic groups, classes, genders, sexes, and spiritual backgrounds, who come together because of their love of dykes and dedication to the Philly Dyke March.

“In 15 years, the Dyke March has grown to be the largest annual community event for dykes and queer women and all of the identities on the ever-evolving laundry list read each year at the March,” said Gloria Casarez, director of LGBT affairs for the City of Philadelphia. “To me, the dyke march has always meant owning our space in the community, and being so visible for even just one day, in numbers, is very powerful.”

The march steps-off from the park at 4 p.m., and while the route goes through the Gayborhood and a portion of Broad Street, organizers are keeping the exact route under wraps.

And for the first time, a wedding will take place before step-off: “As planning season kicked off, we were approached by the brides-to-be, who met at the Dyke March years ago and felt there was no more fitting place to be married,” said organizers of the Dyke March. “Just as we march for visibility and to protest our rights, we celebrate this dyke couple and continue the fight for equal rights.”

“As with milestone anniversaries, I’ve been reflecting on where we are and what has changed,” adds Casarez.  “We have a lot more rights and, at least in Philadelphia, I do believe it is easier to be who you are. I don’t mean to say that it’s easy to be who you are, but it’s easier. When I stop to think about the fact that Philadelphia is one of the best cities in the U.S. for LGBT rights and community, I realize we still have a long way to go.”

The march will end up back in Kahn Park, where an exciting lineup of entertainers and speakers will grace the Dyke March stage, including  Gloria Casarez, Crystal Cheatham, Anessa LaRae, LiCK, Ashley Jones, Mr. Philadelphia Drag King Tommy Tenderloin, Lauren Albert, and more. There’s also free water ice.

The official after party for the Dyke March, Arouse, is hosted by Stimulus Productions at Voyeur. Cover is reduced before 11:30 p.m. for those sporting a Dyke March t-shirt or for those coming from William Way’s Homecoming event.

To learn more about the Philly Dyke March, visit, and make sure to RSVP to the March here:


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