A Must-See at Philly Fringe: Tangle’s Break/Drift/Resist

Tangle, a feminist movement circus arts company which emphasizes queer and female bodies and experiences, is bringing their unique style to the Philly Fringe Arts Festival with a new full-length show, Break/Drift/Resist.

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In Break/Drift/Resist, seven women climb ropes, spark chain reactions, catch each other, swing, slide, and crash. In this dynamic new performance, Tangle’s acrobats navigate a forest of aerial equipment, chase each other across the stage, and explore how groups adapt, transform, and absorb shock.

Break/Drift/Resist’s seven-women cast ricochet from floor to ceiling in this performance inspired by the friction and warmth of a close-knit circle of friends, inspired by our queer community.

“Break/Drift/Resist asks the question, what does it mean to be part of a group?” says Tangle founder Lauren Rile Smith. “We wanted to use aerial dance and acrobatic partnering to diagram, in movement, the way one person’s action can ripple through a community. Sometimes your life is transformed by a person you barely know—and sometimes, opening a window for yourself slams a door on someone else.”

Break/Drift/Resist premieres September 5th at 8pm, September 6th at 8pm, and September 7th at 3pm and 8pm.

WHERE: Philadelphia Soundstages (1600 N. 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA)
FAQ: The performance is family-friendly, although not oriented toward children. Venue is wheelchair-accessible. Street and limited lot parking is available.
TICKETS: Tickets ($15-20) are now available via FringeArts, with discounts for students, seniors, artists, and groups: http://www.tangle-arts.com/tickets

Learn more about Tangle by liking their Facebook page, or visiting their website: http://www.tangle-arts.com

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