New Lesbian Bar Proposed for Philly

Last August, when Sisters closed its doors, Philly lost its only lesbian bar, which had been in business for 17 years.

And Denise Cohen had been the general manager for all 17 years that Sisters was opened, overseeing the hundreds and hundreds of events, fundraisers, and parties that took place there over the years. “I was called to the bar on my day off, so just in that action, I knew that something had been decided about the future of the bar,” recalls Cohen. “When the owner Jim told me, he had tears in his eyes, and he was absolutely crushed and had done everything he could. I just didn’t want to cry, but I did.”

The closing indeed sent shockwaves of sadness through the community, and while there were rumors of people buying the space and keeping Sisters going, ultimately, nothing panned out.

“Sisters had a strong presence in our community and will be forever in our hearts – it ca no way be duplicated in any other space but the space it once resided in,” Cohen explains.

While she is being tight-lipped on specifics about the new club until they are able to gather the necessary funding to secure a location, we are told that the space will feature several bar areas, a private bottle service VIP room, dancing, entertainment, and a full-service kitchen.

“In addition to being a new place to come out and play, the opening of this space brings employment to our community – DJ’s, door staff, dancers, servers, cooks, and of course, bartenders!” she says.

Other women’s parties have been in existence long before Sisters closed, and many speculate that some of those parties led to people frequenting Sisters less and less which ultimately led to its shutting its doors for good. To those that are hesitant that a new lesbian club will be able to survive and compete not just against the other women’s parties, but the gay clubs in Philly, Cohen has this to say: “I’ve operated bars/nightclubs for 25 years and there has been and always will be women’s parties. I have always said that variety in our community is a plus, however, the space that is here 365 days a year needs that support as well. Stop in before or after the monthly event, or if you attend a monthly event one night that month, try to also support the local space as well.”

The current campaign to raise $50,000 is set at 30 days, but Cohen says they really need to not just meet, but surpass that goal in order to bring this concept to fruition. A donation as low as $10 gets you a $15 coupon to use when the new space opens, while $500 or more gets you a private party in the VIP room, among other incentives.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    sad to hear that you didn’t collect the money needed to be raised for this awesome establishment however are you just going to keep people’s money that they donated and what are you going to do with that money? if you’re going to keep this money that people donated I would hope that you are going to continue to try to raise money with this money that has been donated because it wouldn’t be right to just keep this money and I’m hoping that’s not the


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