Stimulus Co-Founder & Philly LGBT Powerhouse Amber Hikes Announces Move to California

In a Facebook post dated today, June 23, that sent shockwaves through the Philly LGBT community, Stimulus Productions co-founder Amber Hikes announced she has accepted a new job offer in California and will be leaving Philly effective August:


Hikes is the co-founder of the very successful Stimulus Productions, which she started with Morgan Levine back in 2008 as a way to provide women in Philly with a “more radical and intentional nightlife space which accurately reflected the diversity in our community.” Stimulus quickly grew from an initial event that drew 150 people into a brand to be reckoned with on the Philly LGBT scene – since then, they have thrown hundreds of successful parties, happy hours, volunteer events, and more.

Hikes is also a board member of William Way, a member of the Philadelphia Dyke March planning committee, and was named a grand marshal of the annual Philly Pride Parade in 2013. Originally from Atlanta, she went to undergrad at University of Delaware, grad school at UPenn, and has resided in Philly for the past nine years.

“As much as Philly has become apart of Amber, Amber has become apart of Philly,” said Kaitlin Apostol. “She’s transformed the nightlife here. I have watched her from the beginning, six years ago, create a business that forever changed Philadelphia. She, along with business partner Morgan, created a movement. She has created a space for us all to feel loved and welcomed. I am forever grateful for what she has provided to this community.”

“Amber has been an active and inspirational member of Philadelphia’s community from her day to day work at Upward Bound to her endless community service and activism in the LGBTQ community, and her lasting impact through our business,” says Stimulus co-founder Levine.

So what does this mean for Stimulus and Back2Basics? We reached out to Amber for comment as to whether or not this also means the end of Stimulus and Back 2 Basics parties, and here is her response:

“There’s no way I’d shut down Stimulus and Back2Basics just because I’m relocating. There are already plans in motion. But I definitely encourage folks (as always) to create new spaces for lesbians in our community.”

Levine added “We are developing a plan to continue Stimulus’ same high energy, beautiful, diverse nightlife events that the community loves so much!”

When asked if there are any thoughts to making Stimulus a bi-coastal party, Hikes said she has some thoughts, but not quite sure at this point.

We thank Amber for everything she has done for our community and our city in her nine years here, and wish her the best of luck in California. She will be greatly missed in Philly. A going away bash may be in the works – stay tuned to Phillesbian for details!

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