Stimulus announces end to monthly parties

Stimulus Philly

After seven years of hosting the largest women’s queer party in the city, Stimulus Productions has announced that it is transitioning into a seasonal format and will only host large special events.

Morgan Romer & Amber Hikes, co-founders, Stimulus Productions

Morgan Romer & Amber Hikes, co-founders, Stimulus Productions

“I have been so very honored to be a part of this wonderful company from its inception,” said Amber Hikes, co-founder, Stimulus Productions, in a Facebook post. “I’m excited to see what the future holds.” Hikes did not respond to a request for further comment at the time this was published.

Stimulus co-founder Morgan Levine had this to say: “I’ve been feeling like it was time for me to pare down and let go of Stimulus as I started my career in policy research and became an adjunct faculty member. Three jobs just doesn’t seem like great work-life balance! This feeling was further fueled by a challenging change of management at Voyeur and the fact that I live outside of Philadelphia now … it became evident that it was the right time for me to say good bye to Stimulus. Stimulus was such a labor of love for seven years – I’m grateful to have been a part of such a beautiful, diverse movement and I look forward to seeing how queer social spaces evolve in Philadelphia.”

Members of the community expressed their gratitude to Stimulus for providing queer women a place that they could be their authentic selves: “I’m forever grateful to Stimulus to giving me a community of wonderful people,” said Jewellee Williams. “It’s where I met the woman I am marrying – it will forever hold a place in my heart!”

“Stimulus was the first place I went out when I had never been to anything remotely lesbian before,” said Amanda Swiger. “So many milestones have been celebrated on that dance floor.”

The four events that Stimulus will continue to host include Spring Fling, Gay Pride in June, the Black & White Party in November, and New Year’s Eve.

Back 2 Basics, another monthly party produced by Hikes, will continue on as a monthly event. The next event is Saturday, January 9, as the party celebrates their three year anniversary:

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