Fascinating Female Couples 2016: Fiancee Edition

It may only be 16 degrees outside, but these love stories sure to warm your heart this Valentine’s Day. This year, we’re focusing on three couples who were engaged this past year!

Without further adieu, we present to you the annual “Fascinating Female Couples – Fiancee Edition:”

Giannelle & Jewellee

Jewellee, 25, flight attendant
Giannelle, 30, supervisor at Comcast

Photo credit: Tara Beth Photography

Photo credit: Tara Beth Photography

Jewellee and Giannelle met at a Stimulus party and started dating March 2013.

“I love when G  doesn’t tell me no – well seriously I do – but I love how intelligent she is,” says Jewellee. “Sometimes she can give off this hard exterior, but she’s full of good conversation and ‘did you know’ facts. Every time I come home, she’s watching How Its Made, or the History Channel. She loves learning new things and sharing them with me.”

“Trish (I call her by her middle name) is hilarious and thoughtful, and she always cooks for me,” says Giannelle. “She also has about five different kinds of laughs!”

The two credit the success of their relationship to the fact that they can be their true selves around each other. “All of our guilty pleasures and strange quirks that we don’t care for other people to see, we can share with each other,” says Jewellee. “Most of all, though, we understand that we will face obstacles, and we understand and accept our differences. We’re committed to overcoming anything we face.”

The couples loves trying new restaurants, but says the best date night is “on the couch with Netflix!”
Plenty of Netflix nights are in store for Jewellee and G, as they got engaged this past year.

“We didn’t have the traditional proposal as far as one person proposing to the other,” says Giannelle. “Jewellee isn’t much of a romantic when it comes to proposals. But we both thought it should be something we discussed and agreed on at the same time. It was something we talked about for a good period of time and honestly was a “hey, ya think we should get married next year” kind of conversion.”

“Not emulating other peoples relationships is something we both strive to do,” adds Jewellee. “It’s easy to get caught up in what other people do that may seem to be the right way, but to us, being happy however that happens for ourselves and for anybody else and being on the same page is the only right way!”

The two are getting married in Las Vegas on November 12, 2016.

Rita & Angela

Rita, 27, student, Temple University Beasley School of Law
Angela, 28, associate director of development & communications for a non-profit

R&ARita and Angela first met online more than two years ago, but after a week or so of talking and texting, had their first official date at Perch Pub.

“Rita is constantly thinking of fun things we can do/make and she’s the kind of woman who will pick up a caterpillar in the middle of the sidewalk and put it in the grass to keep it out of harms way,” says Angela.

“Angela is always pushing to better herself and the world,” says Rita. “She can also make any mundane activities fun through silly voices and songs.”

The two credit the success of their relationship to holding each other accountable: “We treat our relationship as something that is continually growing and we are both constantly working on how to be better for each other.”

As far as date nights, the two don’t get out very often after working and studying all day. “For right now, we enjoy watching Jane the Virgin on our sofa with some ciders and chinese food from Evergreen,” says Angela. “However, occasionally we enjoy going to Birra for ciders and mac n cheese pizza. Also, in nice weather we also love exploring the city and stumbling on flea markets, or festivals or farmer’s markets and just seeing where the day takes us.”

On December 12, 2014, Rita proposed to Angela at one of their favorite spots in South Philly, Melrose Diner. They then went to look at the lights at The Miracle on South 13th Street Holiday Light Display, where she presented Angela with a book full of messages and a ring. In February, Angela proposed back with a letter in Philadelphia’s Secret Admirer and a ring…on their favorite date spot: the sofa.

The two are getting married on May 21, 2016 at the Maas Building.

Rachel & Lauren

Rachel, 31, digital designer at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Lauren, 30, vice president, SEOMInteractive.com

L&R3Rachel and Lauren met more than five years ago at a party at North Bowl through a mutual friend.

“My best friend Chris kept talking about this tall, funny girl named Rachel that he worked with, and he thought that we should meet,” says Lauren. “After we met at his work party in December 2010, a few days later, after they finished their shift, we all went to Chris’ house to chill. There ended up being a massive snowstorm so both Rach and I got snowed in there.”

“One of my favorite memories is walking to the liquor store with Lauren in the middle of the storm – it was freezing, we could barely see through the blowing snow, and I had a hole in one of my boots, but we made it an adventure,” says Rachel. “I knew after those few days that I had met someone who would be a big part of my life.”

After that, the two were almost inseparable, although they didn’t make the move from being friends to more than friends until a few months later, and officially started dating in April of 2011.

“Laughter and open communication are the key to our relationship,” says Lauren. “I’m lucky to be with someone who has an incredible sense of humor and isn’t afraid to be herself – she makes me laugh literally every single day. We also push each other, whether personally or professionally, and view our relationship as a true partnership.”

“We know how to have fun together,” adds Rachel. “We make it a priority to spend quality time just the two of us, but we also think it’s important to maintain a sense of individuality and do our own things, too. Lauren allows me to be myself, and she pushes me to be a better person.”

The pair got engaged on August 8 at Lauren’s 30th birthday at Positano Coast. “It was a perfect night,” recalls Lauren. “The weather was beautiful, the venue was gorgeous, and my family and many of our dear friends were with us to celebrate my birthday.”

“I began planning my proposal as soon as Lauren picked the venue she wanted her birthday at,” says Rachel. “I was super nervous because there was a lot to plan, and Lauren is a very difficult person to keep a secret from. I had her ring custom-made because I know she’s not a cookie-cutter ring type of girl, and was super excited to give it to her. She doesn’t like to make a big deal out of things, but I thought it was really important to share the moment with friends and family so they could be there to celebrate with us.”

With the help of Lauren’s mom and two of her best friends, Rachel put together a slide show of photos of Lauren from the past 30 years of her life. The end of the show transitioned into photos of just Rachel & Lauren, and the very last slide said “Will you marry me?” Of course, Lauren said yes.

The two are planning to tie the knot in 2017, but the date and location are TBD.

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