Lauren is the founder and editor-in-chief of, in addition to being the Vice Prez at SEOM Interactive, communications director of the Temple LGBTQ Alumni Society, part-time copywriter, freelance journalist, and lover of Entemann’s Original Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies. She’s a summa cum laude graduate of Temple University’s School of Communications & Theater (which is constantly changing it’s name) who enjoys reading, football, Google, pasta, dancing,  & spending QT with her fiance & Phillesbian co-founder, Rachel.


Co-Founder/Art Director

Besides being a full-time graphic designer at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Rachel is the Art Director of who came up with our logo (affectionately dubbed girlbell) & handles all of our graphics, as well as occasionally contributing her humor to some blog posts when Lauren begs her. At Moore College of Art & Design (her alma mater), she was voted “Most Likely to Break Out in a Cher Impersonation.” When not staring at a computer screen, she likes to work out and spend time with her lovely lady Lauren. She lives life by the mantra: “The only martini is a Ketel dirty martini.”


Contributing Writer

angelaAngela is a recovering journalist working in the non-profit world. As a West ChesterUniversity alum, Angela found her passion in journalism, ultimately leading her to a full-time gig as a staff writer for the Philadelphia Gay News, which she recently left in order to advocate on behalf of homeless individuals. She is a self proclaimed sorority drop-out who geeks out over social media strategies and campaigns and enjoys good stories, a cup of coffee and spending time with her wife, Rita and their two cats, Tonks and Lucy.



Dr. Ashley Brandt
Contributing Writer

ashleybrandtDoctor by day, DJ at night, Dr. Ashley Brandt has been long committed to the LGBT community.  She is currently finishing her obstetrics and gynecology residency at Hahnemann Hospital and will continue to practice LGBTQ health in the Philadelphia area. When she is not delivering babies or playing records, she enjoys producing music, baking, international travel, and is an avid history lover and adoring mother to her cat Piper and dog, Alex.  (Yes, very OITNB)

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  1. Valery St. James says:

    Congrats on the magazine, even if I am a few years late. Wished I’d found it sooner. I know I’ll be spending lots of time here. Kudos to the very talented Rachel for “girlbell” it’s perfect!


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