Occasionally, other media outlets think we are cool/noteworthy enough to show us some love. 🙂 co-founder Lauren Zumpano said her site was a direct reaction to Philadelphia’s local gay site’s distinct change to “mainly target the lives and interests of gay men.”

“It was my belief before starting Phillesbian that women who love women in this city needed better visibility, and that kind of an editorial change by a major publication backed by big corporation ad dollars just further confirmed it, “she said.

In February, Phillesbian featured “Fascinating Female Couples” and has a regular feature called “Singles Spotlight.”

GO Magazine:


“While the couple have 9-5 jobs, they also run, the only digital magazine that exclusively caters to women who love women in the Philadelphia area (check out their adorable Liberty Bell logo, which Rachel designed). The key to balancing romance and work life? Not taking ourselves too seriously. And trying not to talk about our website all the time, says Lauren. She lets me be weird, adds Rachel.



Philadelphia Daily News
“Last summer, lesbian blog Phillesbian criticized the museum for publicly backing Chick-fil-A’s opposition to gay marriage and said its readers shouldn’t support the museum or its sponsors. Avery sent an email to Lauren Zumpano, the site’s founder and editor, with the subject line: God is funding the Philadelphia Wax Museum.

“Let’s see you stop Him,” Avery emailed. “It’s all about Jesus. Do you know Him?” On Facebook, under the Chick-fil-A post, Avery wrote: “The Very idea of The Philadelphia Wax Museum came from the God I serve.”

Earlier this month, Avery reached out to Phillesbian again, this time with a legal threat on Twitter: “Lawsuit against you pending.”

All of which perplexes Zumpano. If there’s no museum and no money to build one, she wonders, what are they even talking about?

“I find it a little strange,” she said. “That was the irony of writing the article. This museum doesn’t even exist.”

The Philly Post:
“The last time we heard about the Philadelphia Wax Museum, it was during the whole Chik-Fil-A anti-gay debacle of 2012, when local lesbian blog pointed out that Philadelphia Wax Museum founder Robert Avery (a D.C. resident) was a proud supporter of Chik-fil-A’s position.” “Lesbian Lounge:”
“The cool blog of the week is This is for Philly chicks, so you’ll get that PH – You can find local news, local celebs, and events that are happening. This is really good for our Philadelphia girls because when I was specifically looking for stuff for Philadelphia, I think I only came up with two or three things over seven years! Having this site makes me feel a lot better that there is stuff going on, there are events, there is news and arts and culture for the lesbians and queer identified women in Philadelphia. I feel so much better knowing that they have this!”


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